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An Album For Every Year August 13, 2008

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Remember when they didn't suck?

Remember when they didn't suck?

So as I was smurfing the world wide weird (thanks FJM), I found this fun little activity that will give you something to talk about with your friends in between shots of whiskey and vomiting on the bar. Basically, you pick an album for every year you have been alive.  Sounds easy right? Well it isn’t.  First, who remembers what year albums come out?  I’m sure if you are out there alphabetizing your collection by mood, then maybe you might.  Meanwhile the rest of us are outside enjoying life.  Second, the early 80s are sort of a wasteland for me.  I was a toddler and listened to whatever my parents listened to.  So soft rock.  I had to improvise and pick albums that I might not have heard every song off of but that I think I would like.  So without further ado, here is my sure to be mocked list:
Year Album Artist
1980 More Specials The Specials
1981 Talk Talk Talk Psychedelic Furs
1982 Thriller Michael Jackson
1983 The Hurting Tears for Fears
1984 Born in the USA Bruce Springsteen
1985 Greatest Hits The Cars
1986 Graceland  Paul Simon
1987 Appetite for Destruction Guns and Roses
1988 Sufer Rosa The Pixies
1989 Devil’s Night Out Mighty Mighty Bosstones
1990 Shake Your Money Maker The Black Crowes
1991 Blood Sugar Sex Magik Red Hot Chili Peppers
1992 Rage Against the Machine Rage Against the Machine
1993 In Utero Nirvana
1994 The Blue Album Weezer
1995 The Bends Radiohead
1996 Sublime Sublime
1997 Whatever and Ever Amen Ben Folds Five
1998 Aeroplane Over the Sea Neutral Milk Hotel
1999 Midnite Vultures  Beck
2000 Mass Romantic The New Pornographers
2001 Wasted Days The Slackers
2002 Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Wilco
2003 Give Up The Postal Service
2004 Funeral  Arcade Fire
2005 Apologies to the Queen Mary  Wolf Parade
2006 Boys and Girls in America The Hold Steady
2007 Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? Of Montreal
2008 Consolers of the Lonely The Raconteurs


Think I listen to too much indie rock nowadays? Yeah I probably do. Maybe I should quit my job, move to Fort Greene, stop showering, and complain about how Of Montreal was used in an Outback commercial. Then have someone shoot me in the face.



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