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TV Shows That Are Dead To Me: Heroes October 7, 2008

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Fuck you Heroes.

Listen, I was able to explain away last season as a sophomore slump. Most people called me stupid.  How could I disagree? Not only did you stick Peter with some terrible ugly actress with a bad Irish accent but you gave him amnesia! Fucking amnesia!  That is the cheapest soap opera ploy ever.  Why not give him an evil twin or a retard child?  Then you went on to introduce the most useless characters ever: The Latin Wonder Twins.  What could they do? Kill people and then feel emo about it?  Fucking gay.  You even stuck your best character (Sylar) with them for the ENTIRE season.  JESUS CHRIST.  Not to mention you totally blew your load on the whole “eviler than Sylar character”.  So yes, when people said I was an idiot for apologizing for you at the end of last season, they were right.  However, I just couldn’t buy that the first season was a fluke. Here was an awesome live action comic book that was actually interesting.

I finally realized how fucking stupid this show is this season after watching the second episode.  Not only did you kill off the most interesting aspect of your new season (the super villains that escaped from Section Eight) but suddenly Sylar is a pussy.  Also you refuse to kill off Micah and the remaining Wonder Twin.  And look,  another future calamity that only our protagonists can stop.  Dudes, you did this already. Write something new.  Why should I care what happens?  I’m pretty sure you are going to introduce new and useless characters and kill of cool ones or saddle them with idiotic quests.  HI HIRO!

Speaking of Hiro, the dude can travel through time.  Instead of having him chase the super speedy chick for the formula or whatever the fuck deus ex machina that will turn out to be, why not just go back in time and stop past Hiro from opening the safe?

Listen, I get it. Most Americans are stupid and will tolerate this shit.  I mean they tolerated 8 years of Bush without killing themselves.  But I can’t handle this shit anymore.

I’ll just wait patiently for Lost to return.



1. Mike Scioscia's tragic illness - October 8, 2008

What about the fact that every plot is ripped off of Xmen?

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