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1 Minute Movie Review – W. October 22, 2008

Posted by The Ringer in 1 minute movie review, movie reviews.
Don't blame me...I voted fer Kodos. Heh.

Don't blame me, I voted fer Kodos.

Many people will say Oliver Stone hasn’t made a great movie since 1991’s JFK. Not me, I like to stay awake while watching movies. Others say Oliver hasn’t made a great movie ever. But no one is calling “W.” great, because it’s beautifully mediocre. It’s so ‘middle of the road’ it’s brilliant. What? Exactly. This movie is what you want it to be. If you hate the movie’s possibly mentally challenged subject then this flick will be a lampooning satire. If you think Georgey W. Bushy Buns has gotten a bad wrap then this movie will seem like a fair, understanding biopic. Either way…Stone finally delivers a film that says, ‘You can’t blame a dumbass for being stupid.’

Touche Stone, touche.

Verdict – Much like Magic Eye it all depends on the viewer.

P.S. – It’s a sailboat.



1. Bone Saw - November 5, 2008

its a schooner

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