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Devilishly Vindictive Detractor of D.V.D.s – Halloween Edition October 31, 2008

Posted by The Ringer in D.V.D. reviews..., movie reviews.
Theatrophobic? Netflixiphiliac? Don’t trust your friends’ opinions?
Since the your theater options this weekend are limited to Saw V and the Haunting of Molly Hartley, which apparently is worse than a Milky Way/razor blade medley you may want to consider a plastic alternative…so the Deceptively, Vindictive Detractor is here to tell you which rentals are worthy of being burned onto disc, and which are expensive coasters.

Sunshine (Fox Searchlight) – Cillian Murphy as physicist IN space.

Didn’t you wish Danny Boyle (Trainspotting and 28 Days Later) had also directed “Apollo 13”? Your wish is Danny Boyle’s command. So he made ‘Sunshine’ last year

Some say Cillian under-reacted to the news of Heath Ledger's pharmaceutical experiment.

Some say Cillian under-reacted to the news of Heath Ledger's pharmaceutical experiment.

and hit plastic in January ’08. ‘Sunshine’ is a cross between ‘Event
Horizon’ and ‘Apollo 13’ with a twist of fucked in the head. While not
being a traditional horror or thriller its generally creepy. The
plausibility of the story isn’t its strongest feature and some of the
scenes logistical snafus could be pointed out by my semi-retarded 5
year old nephew, who just learned to doody in the pot pot. We’re so
proud. But the experimental visuals froth an earie atmosphere out of
your screen and into your retinas. Throw in a solid Cillian Murphy
performance, stir in a 2001: A Space Odyssey and bring to a boil!
Thankfully someone has done something similiar to a horror flick that
didn’t involve Japanese VHS tapes, zombies or Naomie Watts.

Verdict: Watchable.

Give your money to: Blockbuster, West Coast Video, Netflix. Available on DVD and Blu Ray. iTunes has featurettes but not the feature. Steve Jobs is stupid in a genius way.

Devilishly Vindictive Detractor extras:

iTunes has all the featurettes your eyes can handle.

Quick recommendation…

The Cottage

available on iTunes.

Its from England. Its mostly a comedy, but its also a gore/horror. True to the horror style of cheesy, bad acting, not great direction…but the ending is the payoff and makes it worth while…which is rare these days.

Verdict: Watchable only if you watch the whole thing. I know…that doesn’t make sense, and it won’t until you watch the whole thing.



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