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Esoteric Movie Tip – The Visitor November 24, 2008

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The E.M.T. is here to revive your slowly dying ability and motivation to find movies that don’t involve Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Cruise, or Angelina Jolie.

Sooooooo...I don't use my penis?

Sooooooo...I don't use my penis?

The Visitor (Overture Films) – available on Netflix and Blockbuster.com

Thomas McCarthy is probably most known for his performance as Dr. Bob Banks in ‘Meet the Parents’ because 99% of the people in this world are dumber and less cultured than the other 1%. If you’d like to jump from dumb as the rest to smarter than most, rent the McCarthy penned and helmmed ‘The Visitor’ and see what happens when movies are filmed to make a film and not money. Confused? You’re probably in the 99 percentile. Keep reading to change that…

There’s no fighting, no sex, no drugs, no crazy photography, no special effects, no M. Night Shamalyan surprise twist ending that ruins everything that’s ever been accomplished by story tellers the world over. ‘The Visitor’ does have a simple story of humans meeting, connecting and caring. It sounds really lame when described as such, and the movie is kinda lame but in a refreshing way. It takes true panache to tell a story that could happen to anyone in everyday life and make it interesting. A lot of Indie Flicks are too ‘everyday life’ and end up telling the story of Emo loser goes to coffee shop and buys a bagel while hating his father and not respecting tolerable fashion guidelines. Other Indie flicks are too inventive and tell ridiculously outlandish tales like Hip-Hop dude falls in love with stripper in a future version of Detroit that has become the new Hollywood, which is the set-up for ‘Darling Nikki’ which apparently is the Indie scene’s next best thing since ‘Clerks’ which would not be possible because Clerks was never the best of anything.

What does the The Visitor have and do? It has a bored out of his mind college professor, three illegal aliens and some African drums. It doesn’t sound like much but I dare you to take those ingredients and turn them into a 100 minute movie. In the end it’s more than you could imagine. This movie is about how the strangest of things can change your life when you can’t control them. That message sound familiar? Because it’s something we all deal with everyday of our lives.

Esoteric Movie Tips insurance policy – Check out Tom McCarthy’s award winning freshman effort ‘The Station Agent‘ which also uses a humanistic approach to how lives can change…but with a midget.



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