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I Demand You Watch This. December 7, 2008

Posted by The Ringer in god damn it.

shineThis has been posted on basically every useless website the internet can offer… so what’s one more? And instead of embedding it into this website I’m just going to link you direct to the source so that you can see this disaster as it is vomited from the horse’s mouth.

Here’s the video. Watch it to the end because just when you think it couldn’t get more ridiculous, stupid, gay or silly… it does.

Here is his Bio. It speaks for itself.

This video is downright unbelievable. Is this guy for real? Is this some elaborate hoax? Is this tongue-in-cheek comedy? Does his website really boast about his use of  “the gleem of techno-wizardry” ??? Did Ace Ventura even have special effects!

Verdict – I’m pretty sure whomever let this abomination come to fruition has suffered many a stroke. I also hope that having a stroke is similar to watching this video.



1. Your Whorish Mouth (aka Chester...aka Formerly Known as Jesus) - December 8, 2008

Best…Music…Video…Ever! I felt like i was floating through a magical world of exploding ships, scary dragon cutouts, red-headed princesses, witch threesomes and gay swashbucklers.

2. Mike P - December 10, 2008

Dear god, the mustache.

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