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Esoteric Movie Tip – Paprika January 26, 2009

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The E.M.T. is here to revive your slowly dying ability and motivation to find movies that don’t involve computer generated graphics, vampires, or Robert Downey Jr.

Boobs... the stuff dreams are made of.

Boobs... the stuff dreams are made of. Or in this case, Booby-Boob... made with 100% Real Dream Fruit Juice.

Paprika (Sony Pictures Classics)  – Available on Netflix (and Netflix Instant*), Lackluster.com, CafeDVD.com, and iTunes.

‘Paprika’ is your everyday story of a machine that psycho-analyzes your dreams by displaying them on a monitor with full color and sound and can even let someone else jump inside your dream, not only to observe your dream but also to interact with you and your dreamscape. How could anything go wrong? Well the machine that makes all this possible, the DC mini, if worn long enough will entrench itself into your skull and put you into a collective dreamscape that follows a giant parade of inanimate objects, flouting frogs and dolls, millions of dolls… permanently. Which is actually less tormenting than sitting next to your least favorite cousin at Thanksgiving dinner.

Paprika is beautifully animated. It’s probably the most visually intriguing animated movie I’ve ever seen. It’s strange blend of fantasy sequences and reality (or is it? oooooooooo… the intrigue!) make for a stoner’s wet dream and anime lover’s treasure chest, which is normally filled with Star Wars novels, Star Wars porn and regular porn… cause they’re lonely people.

For more click (More… ) If not then proceed to hit up your favorite pornography site, because you know you’re only surfing the rest of the web to make yourself feel better about eventually looking at other people do it.

The film is pretty confusing but almost makes sense by the end, Depends on how high you are when you see it and you’re ability to not care if the reality that you think is real in the movie is or isn’t. I mean, not really… I think. Maybe it didn’t make sense. The point being is that despite the scientist murder mystery type plot that intertwines with a cop who’s haunted by his flashbacks, ‘Paprika’ manages to be interesting, amazing, slightly creepy and different from everything else you’ve seen before. Unlike ‘Akira’ and ‘Ghost in the Shell’ it doesn’t have action sequences or motorcycle chases but it makes up for it with trippy sequences, music that will make you feel like an 8-year old on ecstasy, and most importantly, animated boobies. So it stands up to the other Japanese Animated classics

This picture from ‘Parika’ sums up all that is Yyyyyapanese anime.


Fourth of July Parades are always the same; sparklers, ducks, Statue of Liberty with blood smeared across its face. Way to still be bitter about multiple atomic bombs Japan. Jeez.

*Netflix instant is the online service Netflix offers for instant viewing on your computer and Xbox 360. Note that not all movies available on Netflix are available for instant/Xbox viewing. This service shall now be known as Netbox 360.



1. octopusrave - December 31, 2009

This movie is one of my top favorites.

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