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Digest This – Golden Nuggets July 7, 2009

Posted by The Ringer in Golden Nuggets.
You don’t have time to read every piece of crap written on every crappy blog. You’ve got SFW pictures of women to google. So here’s the Golden Nuggets hidden in the Uproxx logs of blogs.

Filmdrunk – Baywatch movie. This is worth reading for two reasons. One of them is the spectacularly out of line joke about child birth.

With Leather – Ocho Cinco to Twitterito.  Poignant summary.

With Leather – Youtube fake? Either way this has worst acting that the Hills and with uglier people.

Warming Glow – Ever wonder what Demerol will do to you while hanging out with King of Dcuches Brett Ratner?

Kissing Suzy Kolber – Football Fridays. I guess those who really love football will really maybe kinda like this news, maybe.

The Rap Up – Talent that can be appreciated by anyone.

Buzz Cuts – Writing a book about Rush Limbaugh being stupid will help you become a senator. That’s how Al Franken did it anyway and this is proof that someone went from SNL writer to one of the highest ranking politicians in the country.

WWTDD – Durden continues to be an excuse for celebrity bikini photos and Perez Hilton insults. But today its all about Michael Jackson, because apparently what Durden would do is sell out.



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