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Golden Nuggets July 10, 2009

Posted by The Ringer in Golden Nuggets.
Looks like Obama has officially passed Clinton as the coolest president ever.

Looks like Obama has officially passed Clinton as the coolest president ever.

You don’t have time to read every piece of crap written on every crappy blog. You’ve got videos of a sleep walking dog to watch. So here’s the Golden Nuggets hidden in the Uproxx logs of blogs.

With Leather – Move over Broadway Joe! We have a new champion of terribly awkward interviews due to sexual harassment. If you watch only one web clip today, this weekend, this month… make it this one… Also, fuck you to the people who pronounce harassment as ‘Harris-mint.’ It’s Ha-Rass-MENT not MINT. Move to the south!

Film Drunk – Sector 9 has a terrible name for a movie, but a cool trailer. I hope this movie is fantastic so this summer doesn’t go down as the decade’s worst movie season.

Film Drunk – Another reason to not respect Kevin Smith. After Mallrats it was all downhill. Not that Clerks or Rats were technically “good.”

Warming Glow – Video of Asians doing Christopher Walken impressions. Some are good while others are just for laughing at Asians. But more importantly Tosh.O is a great show as described hitherto.

Warming Glow – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is better than your favorite TV show. Speaking of which Entourage has been getting extremely rough treatment recently and isn’t favored by anyone anymore. Apparently people didn’t notice 5 years ago that this show sucked.

DAYMAN! aaahahaaaaaaa! Fighter of the Nightman! Champion of the Sun!

The Smoking Section – Wu Tang plus Samurai movie mash up. Tis Gangster.



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