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The Oasis in a Vast Wasteland October 30, 2009

Posted by The Ringer in The Oasis in a Vast Wasteland.

Thirsty Thursday has come and gone but the hangover remains the same. But now… here’s a review of the best night in television (Not counting Sunday which is the best night in television by de facto Curb Your Enthusiasm viewing) because you have way too much work to do on a Friday to actually do it all.


Rule #420 When Tripping: Don't have a bird of pray mounted to your arm. Unless it's your spirit animal.

Community – Had a horrible start. Not only was it not funny for about 9 minutes it was negatively funny as it’s jokes missed the mark by a small football field. The second half was back to standard Community affair. It took Pierce (Chevy Chase) to new heights as a character with the best drug sequences since ‘That 70’s Show’ set the standard for drug scenes on network television. In fact, it surpassed 70’s Show.

Grade: B+  Because I love drugs.


Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you and fuck you. Except you Aziz, you're still cool. You're the only Indian that could pull off a T-Pain costume. I'm still pissed they kicked you off Scrubs.


Parks and Recreation – I’ve given up. I don’t see this show as funny, clever, or funny. Did I mention not funny twice? Yes I did. When a show has Louis C.K. in it and doesn’t get more out of him than a few chuckles worth then that show is dead to this blogger. R.I.P. P&R. Maybe I’ll visit your grave if my friends can convince me your show has completely changed.

Grade: Fail

The Office – This season’s theme seems to be that Jim is a jackass. So things could work out because Jim is a jackass. Though I was disappointed that they didn’t continue to step up the ‘Dwight’s espionage crusade against Jim’ this week. So I’ll assume they pick it back up soon.

Grade: B+

Click More for 30 Rock, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and South Park…

Less Frank reacting to seeing gay dudes make out in costume.

Less Frank reacting to gay dudes making out in costume...

30 Rock – This season isn’t wowing me so far. Though I do want to go to a gay Halloween party this weekend now. I think 30 Rock has corrupted my neural net processor, a learning to be gay computer. There better be hot chicks at the gay party I’m going to Saturday. Overall I wish I had watched the new South Park instead of this. Though I’m not giving up on Liz Lemon’s gang of morons yet, they are in fact relegated to being view on hulu the next day and South Park will be promoted to live viewing. Which brings me to the point that Liz Lemon needs to get laid this season. How many episodes will that take? 15, 20? I predict and hope she blows Donaghy in epsidoe 20 and they never mention it again as she fails to bring him to the precipice of physical joy inside a woman’s mouth.


More Xerox dressed as an Italian Senator... Id give her a seat anytime! If you dont get this joke kill yourself or get laid for the first time in your adult life. I hope you finally experience the precipice of joy inside of a woman.

Grade: C+  Points were detracted due to a Jeff Dunham appearance.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Show of the Week. It started slow and then took off. Rickity Cricket returns and doesn’t disappoint. He’s one of the best throw-away characters in the history of television. Also in the show, Frank in a spandex onesy… hilariously disgusting. He’s been nothing but disgusting this season and it’s been glorious. Speaking of which, I didn’t mention this before and it must be discussed. The Snail jokes were amazing two weeks ago. I really hope she returns. I don’t feel good about that but it will be on my Christmas wish list.

Grade: A-

South Park – The Japanese really do hate dolphins and whales. And the show Whale Wars is really gay and nothing ever happens on it. Also, Poker Face is a really bad song that is sung better by Cartman than that thing people call Lady GaGa. With some laugh out loud moments this wasn’t there best or most controversial effort this season but still funny.

Grade: B-



1. Bonesaw - October 30, 2009

only you could squeeze the phrase “precipice of joy inside a woman…” into a column TWICE. Love it. Since i now only watch south park (of all these shows), and via their website, i will add that i think the guys are in top form this season. they seem rejuvenated by something and the episodes are just gold thus far.

2. Mike Scioscia's tragic illness - October 30, 2009

Disagree on South Park – SO boring. Who the fuck watches “Whale Wars”? Was it really worth it to spend an entire episode railing on some dick who no one even knows? Besides, the whole “there’s a picture of a dolphin dropping the nuke” was stupid, could have been so much better.

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