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The Oasis in a Vast Wasteland November 10, 2009

Posted by The Ringer in The Oasis in a Vast Wasteland.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – Solid as usual. Plus they added 6 times the normal amount of large boobs. Frank


Lindsay Lohan x Amy Winehouse = The loveliness of Dennis in a man thong. Gross.

continues to be the most absurd character in live action television. His hair is beyond bed head and it embraces the fashion of the homeless. Kudos to you sir.

Grade: B+  It’s nice to see the gang back to a full episode of arguing.

Community – An excellent showing from my new favorite show that isn’t Curb Your Enthusiasm. This week unfortunately featured another weak opening but fully recovered with such amazing things as: an AIDS joke, a suicide note joke, a Brian Williams joke, a racist Michael Richards (the janitor from Weird Al Yankovic’s UHF)  joke and finally, a delicious herpes joke.

Grade: A-  Abed continues to entertain no matter what he does or says. McHale doing an Abed impersonation is entertainment squared.

Click More… For wrap ups of The Office, 30 Rock and South Park. Or be forced to not know if other people agree with you.

The Office – Pretty much the best episode of the season. Possibly the best episode in two years. All the characters make sufficient additions and do so while sticking to their wheelhouses and not getting cute with anything. Creed comes back with a strong moment and Dwight has an amazing moment during a confessional. This episode is classic The Office.

Grade: A  This episode could only be improved by changing the theme song to something that does not sound like an auditory carcinogen.

30 Rock – An unimpressive episode. Jack Donaghy goes through some trials and tribulation. Episodes where Jack is humbled are necessary to keep him from becoming a completely monstrous character similar to Monty Burns though he isn’t as funny during these episodes. 30 Rock’s 22 minutes are still worth watching for a couple rips on Lemon but living in a time slot surrounded by so many quality comedies it fails to shine.

Grade: D  Normally this episode would garner a C or C- but there was ZERO screen time for Cerie. None. Fuck you NBC.

South Park – This half hour of comedy needed to be made. Trey Parker continues to bring important societal and cultural conflicts and commentary into the living room and Matt Stone continues to help… apparently. Harley Davidson enthusiasts are awful. Thank god someone said it on a national stage.

Grade: B  Could’ve been funnier but it focused on doing something for the good of the community.






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