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The Mirage in a Vast Wasteland – The League Week 3 November 13, 2009

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The League (FX) – Thursdays at 10:30 and 11:30pm.

It appears that week 2 of the League was a trick play and the viewers just had the Statue of Liberty play run down the field all over them like that sophomore girl that was invited to Prom by that senior guy who was just short of being nominated for Prom King. She couldn’t say no. He was in the running to be in the running for Prom King. In the end, she should have said no. That guy ruined a perfectly good dress that she was never going to wear again which made her cry even though she was never going to wear the dress again anyway.

Sorry, too much ether last night.

The League failed to conjure multiple laughs after abandoning the successful strategy of using three dirty, naughty, awesome themes to make as many inappropriate jokes as possible.

Grade: D+  Intensely boring. At least they called Frank Gore getting hurt. The only reason to watch week for is that it’s still drafting behind It’s Always Sunny… twice in one night.



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