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1 Minute Movie Review – Shutter Island (Weekend Preview Edition) February 25, 2010

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You know Mark, with all due respect, your brother was kinda douchey anyway.

Shutter Island (Paramount) – Leonardo DiCaprio runs around an island off of Massachusetts while trying to improve his Boston accent, which he didn’t, trying to find a mental hospital escapee. Mark Ruffalo tags along because if a movie is set in the 1950s then Mark Ruffalo’s automatically cast. Shutter Island has lots of flashbacks, corny dialogue and stupid haircuts. Ben Kingsly however continues to make bald beautiful and corny dialogue sound majestic. But the meat and potatoes of the film is the twist. Martin Scorcese takes his own slant on the surprise ending but not in a clever or non-completely predictable way. Shame on you Mr. Scorcese for making M. Night Shamalyamayam look like he’s good at what he does.

Verdict: Predictable twist ending + longest reveal ever = a surprising disappointment.

Weekend Preview

Cop Out (Warner Brothers) Kevin Smith is back with another comedy that’s not as good, interesting or original as ‘Clearks’.

So me, Stifler and John McClain have to go rescue the nun from Nacho Libre? We better bring toast...

The commercials make this movie look as appealing as a hot waxing after a long day in a tanning bed. But by the look of the red band trailer it’s obvious that the TV commercials contain the only material that isn’t R rated. So maybe it won’t be the worst movie Kevin Smith ever made because to be worse than Jersey Girl usually requires Liv Tyler’s amazing thespian talent. And besides, the smoking hot nun from Nacho Libre is in it… so, maybe there will be a taste of the glory! See what it tastes like.

The Crazies (Overture) Tim Olyphant and family try to survive non-un-dead zombies while the military kills everything that moves. With a pre-release rottentomato rating of 88% it’s probably more intriguing than being just another horror movie but post release the rating will be deflated and it will rightfully be a 65%-72% type movie. But for a horror movie a 70% fresh rating is like an Oscar.

Recommendation: Check out The Crazies. It takes a cool genre and makes it less camp. Could be worse.