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1 Minute Movie Review – Predators July 10, 2010

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Have you ever wondered if an alien race would take the term "skull fuck" too literally? Adrien Brody has.

Predators (20th Century Fox)

Nimrod Antal’s “Predators” gets back to the basics of the original and does a decent job as an action flick. There’s some laughs, some unintentional laughs, good amount of gore and a musical score that’s nearly identical to Alan Silvestri’s composition for Arnold v Predator. The CD of soundtrack of that score runs $200 plus on amazon.com. So stealing it was a good idea as it helps the audience forgive them for skimping on fake explosions and a few other things.

Verdict: Watchable. It doesn’t match the original but it doesn’t embarrass the franchise.  Lovers of the Govenator’s best action movie will dig it a bit more than others. The reason for that is a few direct homages to the original. So… c’mon. Do it. Do it now. /listens to Little Richard’s Long Tall Sally.

Director: Nimròd Antal (ArmoredVacancy which is a decent genre flick) Producers: Robert Rodriguez (All sorts of action movies) and John Davis (All Predator movies, Grumpy Old Men, Marmaduke)

Fun questions to consider while being forced to watch commercials at a movie theater before Predators: Will the black guy die first for the first time in the series? Will a female cast member in a major role ruin the movie like in Predator 2? Will Eric Foreman ever go to college?



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