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1 Minute Movie Review – Inception July 27, 2010

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Apparently Inception feels like the morning after your first night at college. Putting things in your brain make for flippery sloors.

Inception (Warner Bros)

Inception is the only summer blockbuster that’s worth paying eighteen dollars to see in IMAX in 2010. Well, such an expensive trip to the theater is hardly defensible but in New York Shitty no price tag is based in reality. The story’s complexity, the cinematography’s lusciousness and the expert acting make Nolan’s 10 year brainstorm one of the few action movies with an IQ above Michael Bay’s leather jacket. Even though it suffers from typical action/sci-fi pitfalls, like the endless stream of henchman unable to properly aim a gun at someone’s face and it requires the suspension of your disbelief and knowledge that most dreams just involve nonsense fit for a Teletubbies episode, Christopher Nolan pieces together a movie that’s classically imaginative and fun. Lastly, like a great detective story the viewer is supposed to piece the puzzle together as they watch to figure out the big question at the end.

Verdict: Very Watchable. M. Night Shyama-Please Stop Making Awful Movies-lan needs to watch this flick and learn. Nolan managed to have 4 plot lines occur simultaneously without making it superfluous or needlessly confusing. Plus, Leo is just dreamy… ugh, I don’t feel good about that joke but hey… I’ve yet to wake up today.

Complaints I heard from friends: “Too confusing”, “not confusing enough”, “It didn’t make me emotionally invested in the main character.”

Praise I heard from friends: “It kicked ass and I loved it.”

SPOILER ALERT DISCUSSION OF THE ENDING AFTER JUMP (and by spoiler alert I mean this will ruin the movie entirely)

The totum stops spinning after the last shot goes black. If it doesn’t and the whole movie is a dream then the time line wouldn’t make sense and the team of dream thieves would’ve hit the ‘limbo level’ after the hotel instead of entering the Snow Fortress level.

But this forces other questions to be asked. Why is it that all the character’s go to the same limbo level of dreaming? If your dream version of conciousness dies and your body is unable to wake up how could you share a dream space with someone else? Wouldn’t it be like when you’re in between dreams? As in, your not dreaming at all. But Leo, Juno, Cillian Murphy, and Ken Watanabe all enter the limbo Cobb and Mol built together over 50 dream years and continue to share a dream. So wouldn’t that mean they were all Leo’s projections in a coma length dream? Why is it that his projection of Mol appears even though he isn’t the architect (supposedly) nor the target brain that fills the dream with projections? Why aren’t any other dream thieves able to create projections in other people’s dreams? So, yeah, I don’t know if the damn thing stops spinning or not. And I prefer it that way.

Props to Nolan for walking the line on this. Paul Verhoeven’s Total Recall was the last sci-fi/action flick to achieve such ambiguity of evidence to support both “it’s all a dream” or “just parts of it were all a dream.”



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