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The one question anyone asks when someone is starting a new blog is: “Why? There are so many out there now cater to anything and everything. I’m pretty sure there is a LOL Cats fan fiction blog and maybe even a slash fiction site about minor characters in CSI: Miami.  So what does another pop culture blog add to anything?”

First off, stop being so fucking nosy, you douche. Second, I’ll answer your question: most pop culture blogs are amazingly light in the loafers. Listen, I don’t give two shits about American Idol unless zombies are eating Paula Abdul’s brains on camera (DISCLAIMER: that might or might not have already happened).  I care about which 80s/90s action hero would win in a bar fight.  I care about cataloging which episode of The Simpsons is the best ever (SOFTBALL EPISODE). This is what I want to read about, I want inane lists and angry movie reviews.  Also, I don’t want to hear about obscure bands or movies that piss me off – I’m looking in your direction, My Bloody Valentine. Fucking swirling guitars eat my balls.

This blog is for people who get the title of this page and laugh giddily to themselves. We are here to give you reviews, lists, opinions, and general idiocy about things that any red blooded American man loves. So expect the following to be referenced constantly: beer, Simpsons, 80’s action movies, zombies, baseball, football, boobs, dick jokes, general stupidity. If you like all that, please stay. If not, well we probably wouldn’t like you anyways. Remember – this blog’s first job is to entertain ourselves. If anyone else finds some value in it? That’s just gravy. Thick, delicious, gravy.



1. Emilie - May 21, 2008

This “about” section made me laugh out loud at least 4 times. Point me in the direction of that LOL Cats Fan Fiction site.

But “…things that any red blooded American man loves” just isn’t fair. Girls can like Simpsons and beer and dick jokes, too! And I obviously like boobs because I watch The L Word obsessively.

Regardless, consider me a regular reader going forward (even though you had to explain the name of the blog to me…).

2. Driftingfocus - October 31, 2008

I’m curious about the origin of your blog title…

3. wilson - October 31, 2008

Here you go Larry. You see what happens Larry? You see what happens? This is what happens Larry. You see what happens Larry!!! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FIND A STRANGER IN THE ALPS! You see what happens!?

Hey man. Stop it! What the hell are you doing?! Stop it! I just bought this car last week! I KILL YOU!

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