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Watching the Net – Arrested Development April 1, 2010

Posted by The Ringer in Lost in the Net.
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Netflix throws its mismatched socks into a bin and sells them at discount online. The Stranger finds the ones that don’t stink and tells you where they are in the pile. They’re online.

Franklin said some things whitey wasn't ready to hear. He also said some things African-American-y wasn't ready to hear either.

Ever heard of a short-lived family sitcom that used to be on Fox called Arrested Development? If you have then you should probably watch all three seasons again or for the third or fourth time. If you haven’t then setting aside a half hour or more per day to watch this modern day classic is well worth your while.

America’s misfit dysfunctional family has found a new home at Netflix Instant View. Hulu.com and Universal HD had given them a couch to stay on for a little bit here and there but not all three seasons at the same time since Hulu began splitting up the seasons about a year ago. As of right now only the third season is available on their site.

But now all three seasons are primed, moist and willing for your convenience and viewing pleasure on with no commercials on Netflix. Live the greats all over again: Tobias Blue-ing himself, chicken dance after chicken dance, learning Pop-Pop’s lessons (especially the lesson on not giving people lessons), never-nude cut-offs, Charlize Theron playing the hottest retarded character ever, the corn baller, Lucille’s drinking and pill popping, everything that Buster does, Franklin the racist but funny puppet, STEVE HOLT! and everything in between.

Enjoy Arrested Development today on your computer or Xbox.

Warning: Fanboys will want to have some tissues ready to mop up any drooling while dreaming of the movie that’s in development.

Remember: Family first.