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Ranking the Coen Brothers’ Movies September 12, 2008

Posted by Mitch Kayak in movie rankings.
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With Burn After Reading coming out today, I figure I would do an arbitrary ranking of their movies seeing as I have amazingly seen all of them.

So without any guidelines, here is my ranking:

1.) Big Lebowski– please, like there would be anything else at number one here? Added bonus, the first time I saw this, I was with my mom.  Her review, “It was good, but why all the swearing?”.

2.) Miller’s Crossing– excellent film noir

3.) Blood Simple – their first movie, and one of the most brilliant. Such a simple story that spirals out of control.

4.) No Country for Old Men – A lot of people think this is their best one. I enjoyed it but I like it more when they use their own characters to comment on the inherent evil of men.

5.) Barton Fink– Probably the best movie about writer’s block you can find. Plus: John Goodman as the devil!

6.) O Brother, Where Art Thou? – The main song got stuck in my head after I watched this movie at least 4 times on a transatlantic flight. Not sure if that is good or bad.

7.) Fargo– I agree, Steve Buscemi should die in a wood chipper. This one is so far down on the list mostly because of that awkward fucking scene with Frances McDormand and that Asian dude she went to high school with. What. The. Fuck?

8.) The Hudsucker Proxy– You know, for the kids.

9.) Raising Arizona – The only reason I pushed this all the way down here is because I saw this movie right before I moved to Arizona and it made me not want to go. Seriously.

10.) The Man Who Wasn’t There – To tell the truth, I don’t really remember this one that well. I should go back and watch, because I did enjoy it from what I recall. Also the ending is amazingly odd.

11.) Intolerable Cruelty – People think this movie is awful, but I disagree. I can appreciate what they were going for here. It was pretty much their take on a screwball 40s comedy.  It doesn’t always work, but when it it does it is comedy gold.

12.) The Ladykillers– The only movie of theirs that I just don’t like. Another remake that didn’t need to be made. Just go rent the original. Unless you want to see JK Simmons shit himself.

Feel free to disagree in the comments, I’m pretty sure you are wrong.