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The Oasis in a Vast Wasteland – Scrubs Season 9 December 2, 2009

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Scrubs (ABC at 9pm on Tuesdays)

Scrubs is back and classier than ever. And don't let this photo fool you. JD is as gay as ever.

Those crazy doctors from Sacred Heart are back for a ninth season due to popular demand. Well, maybe it wasn’t popular demand but either way Cougar Town isn’t paying all of Bill Lawrence’s wife’s plastic surgery bills. Some of the characters are back and some are not. The hospital is still called Sacred Heart but it’s a brand new scene. “They tore down the old hospital and built a new one on the medical campus” which translates to “The old ER set was just sitting around… so…” And there’s some new characters.

All in all the first two episodes which aired back to back on Wednesday weren’t really all that bad. Despite Bill Lawrence saying that they were going to change the “feel” of the show its pace, charismatic aceribic wit, voiceover use and angry attending Dr. Cox are all the same. It had some funny moments but for the most part it was akin to a series pilot that has to spend time acclimating the viewers to new characters and setting.

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Movies to Avoid: A List of Movies to Avoid November 13, 2009

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Because movies don’t come with a warning…

Movies to Avoid This Weekend:

Pirate Radio (Studio Canal via Focus Features)

The cast is impressive and enticing. Phillip Seymour Hoffman may be the best male actor in the business as of now,


Studies show when asked if they would nail Phillip Seymour Hoffman 2 of 3 women laugh histerically. The third considers it for the same reason she cut herself in highschool.

Bill Nighy is and will forever be awesome for his role of Phillip in Shaun of the Dead and Kenneth Brannagh, whether you like him or not and percentages suggest that you probably don’t, has talent and is perfect for playing a deuchington that no one likes. Other than that Pirate Radio is a formulaic story that is 100% worth renting on DVD for semi-free on NetFlix while it’s only 50% worth seeing for $12.50 plus price of fifty ounce diabetes flavored soda.

Recommendation: For Seymour Hoffmanphiliacs only. Go see The Messenger instead and be inspired to do something good for this world, unless you aspire to swear on the radio.

2012 (Centropolis Ent. via Columbia Pictures)

Rolland Emmerich keeps getting his films made because movie studios might as well use the special effects they’ve


Rob made a top ten list of his favorite natural disasters. He and this child actor were dissapointed that Barry could not be there to disagree with them.

spent billions of dollars developing. This “film” looks so bad it might be good. This theory is supported by these three overtly sexual snipets from semi-legitimate reviewers:

“Master of Disaster Roland Emmerich lives down to his reputation with what amounts to the biggest snuff film of all time.” – John P. McCarthy of ReelTalk Movie Reviews

“The audience paid for money shots, and money shots are what they get.” – Rob Vaux of Mania.com

“This isn’t disaster porn, it’s a disaster gang-bang.” – Scott Von Doviak of culturevulture.net

I should do more drugs to keep up the level of depravity that my peers are churning out.

Recommendation: Avoid at all costs unless you’re interested in a comedy. With a 37% rottentomatoes rating before its release it’s obvious that even the critics being paid to give it a good review won’t give it a good review. The safe bet is on this movie being worse than Rolland’s Godzirra. Go see Fantastic Mr. Fox. It will probably be funnier and less soul shattering as Wes Anderson should be allowed to make movies unlike Rollan Smellerich. See what I did there? I commbined smelly and Emmerich. C’mon, what do you want from me? Not every director’s last name lends it self to mockery like M. Night Shamalamasuckssweatydonkeyballsandthenmakesmoviesaboutwindkillingpeople.

The Mirage in a Vast Wasteland – The League Week 3 November 13, 2009

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The League (FX) – Thursdays at 10:30 and 11:30pm.

It appears that week 2 of the League was a trick play and the viewers just had the Statue of Liberty play run down the field all over them like that sophomore girl that was invited to Prom by that senior guy who was just short of being nominated for Prom King. She couldn’t say no. He was in the running to be in the running for Prom King. In the end, she should have said no. That guy ruined a perfectly good dress that she was never going to wear again which made her cry even though she was never going to wear the dress again anyway.

Sorry, too much ether last night.

The League failed to conjure multiple laughs after abandoning the successful strategy of using three dirty, naughty, awesome themes to make as many inappropriate jokes as possible.

Grade: D+  Intensely boring. At least they called Frank Gore getting hurt. The only reason to watch week for is that it’s still drafting behind It’s Always Sunny… twice in one night.

The Oasis in a Vast Wasteland – The League Week 2 November 10, 2009

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The League (FX) – Thursdays at 10:30 and 11:30pm.

Last week The League premiered and sucked. This week The League did not suck and was quite entertaining. Pilot


This may be the greatest combination for a man's solitary sex life since Jergens and Puffs Plus. Now you can be physically fit, avoid chaffing and be relaxed.

episodes are either the best episode of a show’s rookie season (Sopranos) or it’s a lackluster representation of a decent show that’s worth watching (Scrubs, The Simpsons). Two episodes is a tiny sample size and the future for this show remains uncertain. However, The League’s second showing took three themes and hammered out as many jokes as it could and it worked. Normally this strategy equals annoying repetition with a hand-off to boredom. But the themes The League picked were: jerking off to pornography, guys who nail the same women and vagina pride. All of which are funny and not discussed in such detail and with fervor on other shows. Fantasy football rides the pine for most of the game but subs in when needed and it works out. If The League continues to bring funny jokes about racy topics and ram them down your throat for 22 minutes then this show will have lofty expectations and will need to avoid the dreaded sophomore slump. If is a strong word when trying to hold onto some hope for a show that is based on a gimmick but The League may turn into a Cinderella story.

Grade: B  A second chance has turned into a third chance. On third and short will The League convert?* Would have been a B+ but there’s a trade that’s too preposterous even for blackmail. A show about fantasy football should know better.
*The stranger guarantees way less lame football references down the line.

The Oasis in a Vast Wasteland November 10, 2009

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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – Solid as usual. Plus they added 6 times the normal amount of large boobs. Frank


Lindsay Lohan x Amy Winehouse = The loveliness of Dennis in a man thong. Gross.

continues to be the most absurd character in live action television. His hair is beyond bed head and it embraces the fashion of the homeless. Kudos to you sir.

Grade: B+  It’s nice to see the gang back to a full episode of arguing.

Community – An excellent showing from my new favorite show that isn’t Curb Your Enthusiasm. This week unfortunately featured another weak opening but fully recovered with such amazing things as: an AIDS joke, a suicide note joke, a Brian Williams joke, a racist Michael Richards (the janitor from Weird Al Yankovic’s UHF)  joke and finally, a delicious herpes joke.

Grade: A-  Abed continues to entertain no matter what he does or says. McHale doing an Abed impersonation is entertainment squared.

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Reader Request November 10, 2009

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A Preview of Sherlock Holmes (Warner Bros – Village Roadshow Pictures) has been requested by a reader – Directed by Guy Ritchie – Starring RDJ, Jude Law, Rachel McAdams – Written by Michael Robert Johnson (this is his first go-round), Anthony Peckham (2001’s Don’t Say a Word and the upcoming new Clint Eastwood flick) and Simon Kenberg (wrote Jumper, X-Men’s Last Stand, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and XxX: State of the Union)


Ritchie is clearly trying to hammer down the sought after female/gay dude/sadist demographic which is the third largest demographic right after males 18-35 and female tweens.

Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes looks to be following the template of 2004’s Van Helsing; take a classic literary character, cast good looking guy with hot girl, turn into action movie, print money. Holmes probably won’t be as bad as Helsing… well, it WON’T be as bad as Helsing. Nothing is bad as Van Helsing. Herpes is better than that movie. Herpes with HIV filling isn’t as bad as that monumental disastrous raping of a literary icon. However Ritchie’s reinvention (re-envisioning?) of England’s second most famous sleuth seems to be a little, just a tad, geared toward a larger audience than the original character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

In the original stories Holmes and Watson rarely used weapons. Holmes only used his cane twice as a weapon over the course of four novels and a multitude of short stories, according to the Almighty. He and Watson did in fact pack heat and engaged into the occasional pastime of fisticuffs but for the most part Holmes stuck to his favorites: talking, thinking, and doing drugs. The talking and the thinking will definitely play in the new film but the drug use isn’t tween friendly and it’s rated PG-13 which is lame.

Overall this film looks to be a slight perversion of the Holmes character and story style but will most likely be a blockbuster popcorn flick that will satisfy many a fan. Especially the ladies. Face it… this movie is designed to have enough action and violence for the gents and enough hunky man nipples for the bitches, I mean ladies.

There are 5 reasons to see this movie: RDJ, explosions,  RDJ, your girlfriend will probably see it with you, and RDJ.

There are 8 reasons not to see this movie: Guy Ritchie*, Jude Law, Simon Kenberg, partial male nudity, English accents, a PG-13 rating, your girlfriend will probably see it with you and then pretend your penis is RDJ’s penis the next time she lets you touch her in the pants-pants. AND IT’S CO-WRITTEN BY THE GUY WHO WROTE XxX: STATE OF THE FUCKING UNION!

* I know some people like Guy Ritchie’s films but then again Dancing with the Stars is the most popular television show right now.

Nice Job ESPN November 5, 2009

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Is there no one at ESPN to stop and take thirty seconds to say "Maybe we shouldn't be this racist. We might give Connecticut a bad name"? Clearly, they don't.

The Oasis in a Vast Wasteland – The League Premier October 30, 2009

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The League – Thursdays on FX at 10:30pm and 11:30pm

Pretty simple stuff. The League is about suburban guys playing in a fantasy football league. They all have to deal with their lives and how it effects their fantasy seasons which is opposed to real people having to deal with their fantasy seasons affecting their regular lives.

It stars: Mark Duplass, one of the writers of ‘Baghead’ a horror movie from 2008. Nick Kroll, the


For a show that is directly targeting unathletic males 25+ years old this promotional picture sure is metro. And very draftable in the 13th round, rarrrrrrr. wait... what? Sorry, I'm going to go spend the next 3 to 5 minutes searching Jenna Haze on google to rebuild my sexual confidence.

voice of Stu in ‘The Life and Times of Tim’ and was a co-‘star’ in Cavemen… the show about Geico’s cavemen. Stephen Rannazzisi, who had a bit part in ‘Paul Blart: Mallcop’. Jon Lajoie, a Canadien youtube sensation most famous for a song called ‘Show Me Your Genitals’ and ‘Everyday Normal Guy.” Paul Scheer, of Human Giant and the Upright Citizens Brigade (not the original MTV show but the still running improv troupe that performs in LA and NYC.)

So that cast sounds like a bunch of assholes plus Paul Scheer. Lajoie had some pretty kinda funny stuff on youtube but nothing that would make me say, ‘Oh thank zombie baby jesus! Someone finally gave Jon Lajoie a tertiary character on a basic cable sitcom!’

I do respect Scheer though. He’s been successful as an improv comedian and even has an improv show called FACEBOOK in which he makes fun of people’s facebook profiles. Wish I’d though of that. (more…)

The Oasis in a Vast Wasteland October 30, 2009

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Thirsty Thursday has come and gone but the hangover remains the same. But now… here’s a review of the best night in television (Not counting Sunday which is the best night in television by de facto Curb Your Enthusiasm viewing) because you have way too much work to do on a Friday to actually do it all.


Rule #420 When Tripping: Don't have a bird of pray mounted to your arm. Unless it's your spirit animal.

Community – Had a horrible start. Not only was it not funny for about 9 minutes it was negatively funny as it’s jokes missed the mark by a small football field. The second half was back to standard Community affair. It took Pierce (Chevy Chase) to new heights as a character with the best drug sequences since ‘That 70’s Show’ set the standard for drug scenes on network television. In fact, it surpassed 70’s Show.

Grade: B+  Because I love drugs.


Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you and fuck you. Except you Aziz, you're still cool. You're the only Indian that could pull off a T-Pain costume. I'm still pissed they kicked you off Scrubs.


Parks and Recreation – I’ve given up. I don’t see this show as funny, clever, or funny. Did I mention not funny twice? Yes I did. When a show has Louis C.K. in it and doesn’t get more out of him than a few chuckles worth then that show is dead to this blogger. R.I.P. P&R. Maybe I’ll visit your grave if my friends can convince me your show has completely changed.

Grade: Fail

The Office – This season’s theme seems to be that Jim is a jackass. So things could work out because Jim is a jackass. Though I was disappointed that they didn’t continue to step up the ‘Dwight’s espionage crusade against Jim’ this week. So I’ll assume they pick it back up soon.

Grade: B+

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1 Minute Movie Review – Where the Wild Things Are October 24, 2009

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What fully aroused it's this big. It could crush you and your self confidence. Now stop asking about it.

When fully aroused it's this big. It could crush you and your self confidence. Now stop asking me about it.

Where the Wild Things Are (Warner Bro’s)

Spike Jonze turns the kids book into an adult film (record scratch). Well, its more a film for adults. No wait. that’s doesn’t sound quite right either. Jonze has made a grown up film that deals with the emotions and tribulations of being a child and how even as adults we still struggle to dominate them but that at the end that’s okay because its a task we all have to handle. The best way to describe it is to compare it to a stage play. The movie is dependent on mature dialogue that crisply outlines plot, allegory, and character development rather than using lots of fantastical action, violence or cheap scares. Though it does have a dash of each. So if you go see it be prepared to learn something about anger, family and giant furry costumes at a calm pace.

Verdict – Watchable. Insightful with out beating you about your furry monster to get the point across. And it’s touching… aaaaawww yeah. Also the voice talent of Tony Soprano, Catherine O’Hare, Chris Cooper, Ghost Dog and the red head chick from Six Feet Under do a great job.

Director: Spike Jonze. Producers: Tom Hanks and others. Writers: Jonze and Dave Eggers (Who wrote A Heart Breaking of Staggering Genius and The Wild Things)